We are back!

Years ago, we made the bold choice to revive our favorite game project, SreetRace Rivals. Looking back, we couldn’t have predicted the trials and challenges that awaited us. Nevertheless, we poured our hearts and souls into making it a reality.

We decided to approach our game development in stages, aiming to secure better financing options as we progressed toward building the game we envisioned. Our strategy was to grow incrementally until we could achieve the game we truly wanted to create.

Stage 1: StreetRace Rivals 3

For our first phase, Streetrace Rivals 3, we needed to develop and build all the essential components: the game core, development tools, mechanics, production pipelines, and the game framework. Utilizing the revival of Streetrace Rivals 2 with updated systems, tools, and graphics provided a solid foundation for our work moving forward.

The game still sticks to its roots with core mechanics like drag racing, buying, upgrading, and customizing your rides, while taking on rivals along the way. A big part of the challenge is taking on gang members in each city or world. Since we’re initially targeting mobile gamers and most racing games are played in landscape mode, we decided to go against the grain and use portrait mode. Of course, that decision brought its own set of difficulties; making a racing game feel right in portrait mode was a tough nut to crack. This time, we’re shaking things up a bit with the actual racing gameplay presented in a top-down view, dictated by the layout.

Check out more info about StreetRace Rivals 3 here!

Stage 2: StreetRace Nation

The current version of the game is already geared towards laying the groundwork for the full StreetRace experience. This involves creating a fully functional garage equipped with crews and all the necessary tools. We will incorporate elements of micromanagement and strategy, adding depth to the gameplay. And of course, there’s the joy of building and designing your dream garage or workshop, hiring a team, making it truly your own.

Plus, we’re pumped about the social elements we’re adding, such as racing against friends, joining leagues, tournaments, special events, and taking on challenges with players from all over the globe. It’s going to be great fun!

More info about StreetRace Nation here!

2 thoughts on “We are back!”

  1. Hello!
    Is StreetRace Rivals 3 an in-development public release? If so, where can I find it? I can’t seem to find it on the Play Store or on Facebook. If it isn’t released to the public yet, looking forward to play it whenever it comes out!

    1. Hi Chris. The game is nearing its completion and is already in the testing phase. We will be posting updates as we progress. Unfortunately, disaster has struck, and hackers managed to hijack our Facebook pages, so we are currently in a battle to get them back.

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